Rules – World Salsa Championships
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6th World Salsa Championships Virtual competition Rules


2020 marks the 15th anniversary of the World Salsa Championships. We were planning to celebrate this milestone with the best ever event. However, as we all know the Corona Virus impacted our lives. Dancing is not exempt from the tragedy. For our community, even if the coronavirus proves to be relatively innocuous when compared to “classic” influenza, it could have dramatic lasting economic impacts. But for dancers, who work in close physical proximity to one another, there's an added element of risk. Dancers can't exactly "work remotely," after all, and the dance world functions through large gatherings—classes, performances, rehearsals, events—that we have to avoid as the situation escalates.

For the moment, there seems to be one area where there could be significant opportunity in a world that’s moving away from in-person gatherings: virtual events. Therefore, instead of cancelling the event, the World Dance Group will celebrate the 6th WSC virtually from San Juan, Puerto Rico. In order to continue practicing social distancing the 6 traditional categories of the WSC will not be celebrated. Instead, we will celebrate an online solo competition following the crowdsourcing model. 

With the digitization process currently underway, the dancing community needs to evolve, which is why WDG debuts its new platform, LIKE$, where artists will be able to convert votes in the LIKE$ platform, into dollars.

The initiative is based on crowdsourcing, the practice of engaging a group for a common goal, innovation or problem solving. It is powered by new technologies, social media, and user generated content (Web 2.0).

Crowdsourcing can take place in various industries, but until now it had not been applied on a large scale for the world of dance.

Thanks to our growing connectivity, it is now easier than ever for people to collectively contribute—with ideas, experience, or funds—to a cause. In this case, the cause is dancing and love for music.

For every vote liking your performance videos on the WDG platform, you'll be able to collect $1 per vote from your “FFF” circle (Friends,Family,Fans). One vote=$1.00. The payment will be made in December and will be the cumulative in votes (=money) that your videos get from today until December. If your “FFF” circle support you, the price in December will be of high impact. All credit card payments received are processed secure by Stripe Global Payment. Some processing fees apply. In summary all competitors will be able to collect LIKE$ (money) regardless if you make it to the finals or not.

The 6th World Salsa Championships will be an On-line competition in the following generational divisions:

AGE GROUPS (Male and Female)

(8 winners)

YOUTH – 10 years and younger

JUNIOR – 11 to 17 years

ADULTS – 18+



Acceptable Dancer Category entries consist of any dance video of you that has been filmed within the last year.

How to upload the video: Videos can be easily uploaded in mp4 format from your computer, tablet or smart phone in the “entries section”. Please make sure to select the division you are competing.

Entry fee: $15 per entry. Non refundable.


Dance studios may enter their students into the competition in their stead, provided that they have permission to do so by a parent or legal guardian of each student, or from the dancers themselves if they are 18 years of age or older.

 Studio logos are allowed in dancers’ videos.  Any student who becomes a First Round Finalist will have their video posted on the Finalist Gallery of the website, along with the studio’s name and website (provided the studio name and website were included when filling out the competition entry form).


Contest starts September 15,2020-November 30 ,2020 (last day for video submission)


All entrants who pass the First Round will have their video published in the Gallery of Finalists on the competition website. The general public will be encouraged to vote for their favorites, and we encourage all entrants to encourage people to vote as well.

Each vote equals $1.00. This means that participants would be able to monetize their performance.


Three winners will be chosen for the FINALS Choreography Division (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place), and each will receive a medal and certificate.


On top of the medallions and the LIKE$ collected, the following money prizes will be awarded to each of the Division winners:


1st Place: $500 USD

2nd Place: $250 Gift certificate WSC merchandise

3rd Place: $125 Gift Certificate WSC Merchandise



The winner of each category, age group, and category will receive a medallion, and a certificate stating the entrant’s names, the name of the dance piece, the choreographer’s name, and the style, age group, and category won.

 Important:  if the judges deem the level of entries in any particular category, style family, or age group not at a level sufficient to pass to the Second Round or to be awarded a winning prize, we reserve the right to decide that a particular category will have no Finalist, or no Winner.


Technique, Artistic Interpretation, and Choreography Choice.  This competition is about dancers’ skill and ability to perceive artistic structure— therefore, aspects such as makeup, and music will not be part of the criteria used for judging

Scoring of the Showcase Routines will be based upon the following criteria, and will be weighted in the scoring room in the following manner:

20% Timing: Recognized Salsa Timing is designated for this competition as 1-2-3, 5-6-7. Competitors can choose to break ON 1 or ON 2 but must maintain consistency for the duration of the routine. The direction of the break step can be either to the front or the back, as long as the timing of the break is consistently maintained (either 1 and 5, or 2 and 6). The majority of the routine should show recognizable Salsa Timing.

15% Musicality: Competitor will demonstrate the ability to creatively work with the timing of the individual music. This can be done in a variety of ways, including patterns, footwork, “hits”, tricks, etc.

15% Technique: Technique is reflected through balance, placement and line. This refers also to general technique for the routine, where the movement is “grounded”, and there is clarity of proper weight changes from foot to foot. Technique and/or body styling that is specific to Salsa Dance. Movement should appear to be both clear and effortless.

15% Difficulty: Reflected by difficulty of patterns, turns, intricacy of shine movements, and level of tricks, dips, drops and flares. Examples: The amount of turns done on both double and single foot. How intricate were the shines? Was it properly executed? How about jumps, kicks, extensions? Any movements requiring exceptional balance, flexibility or strength? In order to get credit for any of these things, the movement must be successfully executed.

15% Choreography: The competitor’s interpretation of the music. Good choreography should contain clever turn patterns and shines. All choreography should be musical, and competitor should show a good usage of the space itself. Originality is a factor here.

10% Connection: It applies to the correct execution of the movements and the transitions between the segments of the choreography. It reflects a smooth and coherent conjunction of ideas. Also, the complicity of competitors with the audience/camera.

 10% Overall Presentation: You Will Be Judged by Your Overall Presentation. This includes costuming, showmanship, and also good sportsmanship. Please note that although the video should be clear we will not judge the quality of the video production. Special effects will not be taken into consideration.

All Showcase Routines (Professional) should be no less than 1 minutes and no more than 2 minutes long. This includes optional entrance and/or exit music.

Music for all divisions must be 80% Salsa music. You will be responsible to clear the music.

Props are not allowed.

Costumes: Costumes are required. All costumes should be in good taste with all private parts covered by non-transparent material.


Additional Rules and Pertinent Information

All entries must be paid for and entrants must accept the Terms and Conditions in order to be officially entered into the competition.

Please note that any violation of any of these rules, or violation of any of the clauses in the Terms and Conditions of this competition, will be grounds for disqualification.  In the event of disqualification, the entrant(s) will be notified as soon as the disqualification has been determined. No refunds will be given to disqualified entrants

The Contest opens at September 15,2020. The closing time and date for receipt of entries is November 30,2020. Depending on the number of entries The World Dance Group may modify, cancel or extend the dates at its sole discretion. The minimum number of entries for the division to be valid is 20. Remember this content is for TV and we need a solid representation from the dancing community.

All videos entered must not be older than one year from the first day of the 2020 competition.

Dancers (and their parents/legal guardians, if applicable) and organizations must agree that, if they make it past the First Round, their videos, names, and website URLs will be published in the Gallery of Finalists of the WSC website.  Note that it may happen that some excerpts of some videos may be used to promote the dancers, choreographers, dance studio/school/company, or the WSC competition itself through e-mail, social media, on websites, or through other electronic means.

Finalists or Winners may be asked to do video interviews for public broadcast through e-mail, social media, on websites, or through other electronic means. 

There is no limit to how many times you may enter nor is there a limit on the number of styles and categories you may enter.  However, you may not submit the same piece with the same dancers in it more than once. You may enter the same dance piece more than once if the dancers in each entry are different, or if the piece is entered by the choreographer in the Choreography Division while the same piece is entered by the dancer in the Dancer Division.  In this latter case, two completely different aspects and people are being adjudicated, so it will be allowed.

Any entry in any style or category displaying suggestive and/or inappropriate content will be disqualified.

Judges’ decisions are final and cannot be contested.  In the event of a tie for any Division, Style & Category, our panel of judges together and/or the Director of the Competition will choose a winning entry at their own discretion.

Judges scores will not be made public, nor will they be sent to entrants.  However, if specific feedback is desired, please write to us at, and we will ask the pertinent judge to write a brief feedback paragraph.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the judge will agree to write a feedback paragraph, as it may occur that the volume of requests be too great for this to be possible.  We apologize in advance for the inconvenience, and sincerely hope that you understand. If you wish to have a face-to-face video conference with a judge, that may be a possibility, but there is no guarantee that the judge will agree. If the judge does agree to give feedback in a video conference, an extra fee will be charged for this service. Please e-mail if you wish to have a live video conference with a judge.

Money Prizes: All money prizes will be sent out electronically, through online systems such as PayPal, wire transfer, or some other similar service.  Winners of money prizes will be notified within two weeks of the final determination of winners.  If you do not respond to the notification of winning with a satisfactory manner of receiving the prize money electronically within ninety (90) days of the notification, your right to receive the prize money will be null and void.