World Dance Group Makes It Possible To Turn Talent Into Dollars  Read more:

World Dance Group Makes It Possible To Turn Talent Into Dollars Read more:

The latest initiative of the renowned institution, a pioneer in the professional dance industry, is a new chance for professional and amateur dancers to regain sources of income during the crisis. Solidarity is one of the key pieces to overcome the pandemic. Only collaboration and companionship between institutions, communities and individuals will enable global society to regain the lost stability. Since the beginning of the Pandemic, The World Dance Group has been one of the companies that has done the greatest number of actions to keep the magic of dance alive, and the professional opportunities of thousands of artists. Among its line of action are the next transformation of the 6th World Salsa Championships into a virtual event, and the Dance-Challenge as an opportunity for dance fans to get noticed and earn prices.

With the digitization process currently underway, the dancing community needs to evolve, which is why WDG debuts its new platform, LIKE$, where artists will be able to convert votes in the LIKE$ platform, into dollars. The initiative is based on crowdsourcing, the practice of engaging a group for a common goal, innovation or problem solving. It is powered by new technologies, social media, and user generated content (Web 2.0). Crowdsourcing can take place in various industries, but until now it had not been applied on a large scale for the world of dance.  Thanks to our growing connectivity, it is now easier than ever for people to collectively contribute — with ideas, experience, or funds — to a cause. In this case, the cause is dancing and love for music.

LIKE$ makes available to artists a platform to turn the votes liking your talent into income. If you're already getting a big reach on social media, like facebook, Instagram and TikTok, this is the ideal opportunity to monetize your talent. For every vote liking your videos on the WDG platform, you'll be able to collect $1 per vote from your “FFF” circle (Friends, Family, Fans). One vote=$1.00. The payment will be made in December and will be the cumulative in votes (=money) that your videos get from today until December. If your “FFF” circle support you, the price in December will be of high impact. All credit card payments received are processed secure by Stripe Global Payment. Some processing fees apply. All the contests opened by the World Dance Group (Dance Challenge, World Salsa Championships and LIKE$) will receive new videos until November 30.

If you want to participate in the competitions, or convert votes into income, you must upload your material before that date. LIKE$ platform also extends beyond dancing. Contestants from all walks of life and all artistic expressions are welcome: Dance, Music, Comedy, Magic, Theater, Mimic, Tik-Tok videos, etc. According to Noel Roque, CEO of WDG: "The situation of the professional and amateur art world dedicated to dancing is critical. As an institution, we must do everything in our power to support the artists who bring so much joy to the stage, and who today, because of Covid-19, have diminished their professional and financial opportunities. We are going back to the basic human needs: Health, Money and Love, and I am thrilled to start cutting bonus payments in December for tons of LIKE$," commented Roque. "LIKE$ is an opportunity for dance lovers and social media fans because, from now on and thanks to the World Dance Group, LIKE$=MONEY."

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