World Dance Group launches WSC Alumni Program – Page 2 – World Salsa Championships
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World Dance Group launches WSC Alumni Program

Did you compete or work in any of our championships since 2005? If your answer is yes we have created a forum for you. Our job is to recollect those memories and reflect on them for future generations. The purpose of this group is to connect previous competitors and staff of the World Salsa Championships. This forum will serve to exchange experiences between members, promote career advancement opportunities and inspire others to pursue their dancing dreams. As a WSC alumni there will be special discounts and benefits from the World Dance Group company. For example: discounted passes for future events, discounts on WSC merchandise and TV appearances.

WSC Alumni es la asociación que agrupa los antiguos alumnos o competidores de las pasadas ediciones del World Salsa Championships. La entidad tiene como finalidad principal aunar esfuerzos para la consecución de aquellos fines propios de cada miembro a partir de intereses comunes y del intercambio de sus experiencias despues de haber competido en cualquiera de las ediciones.La idea es que nuevos competidores se miren en el espejo de logros de pasados heroes del WSC y los estimule a perseguir su sueno.


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